Since 2016, the South Pasadena Prayer Breakfast has awarded a total of $18,000 in charitable donations to local organizations who actively promote prayer and service to our communities.

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The Shower of Hope - Award Recipient 2020

We are a non-profit organization focused on building capacity to serve the homeless population. Services are provided in multiple locations. Locally, you can visit us every Wednesday from 10am to 2pm at Holy Family Catholic Church, 1416 Oak St, South Pasadena, CA 91030.

The Elizabeth House - Award Recipient 2020

Through shelter and lifelong support, Elizabeth House empowers pregnant and parenting women in need to reclaim their lives and build successful family legacies. 

Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors - Award recipient 2016-2020


Firefighters Quest for Burn Survivors" is a non-profit organization managed by firefighters and civilians who volunteer their services and are dedicated to assist those that have been affected by burn injuries. The organization hosts several fund raisers throughout each year in which donations are received and distributed on behalf of each donor to local burn centers and foundations as well as burn survivors and their families.


Burn injuries are devastating, and the majority take a lifetime to heal. The physical and emotional pain the victims suffer is something firefighters see on a regular basis. As a result, the organization was founded in 1996 following the Southern California Malibu Brush Fire in which six firefighters were injured due to burns received while being entrapped in a "Firestorm". Glendale, CA firefighter Bill Jensen received the most serious life threatening burns sustaining third degree burns to 70% of his body. After three months of surgeries, care and treatment and the miraculous efforts of those who cared for him, Bill beat the 5% chance of survival and was released from the burn center on his birthday. Today, Bill along with the other firefighters injured that day, are well on their ways back to "normal" lives.

Through Bill's experience and that of other burn survivors, it has been noted that while the patients care and treatment is being managed and monitored by doctors and nurses, it is usually the families whose lives are thrown into dis array. Through the efforts of this organization, support ranges from family and patient visits to providing material and/or monetary donations to the patients and/or immediate family to assist during the critical time of recovery.

To find out more about the organization, please feel free to call Toll Free (866)937-8378.

Good Samaritots: Emergency Kits Program - Award recipient 2016-2019


Founded in 2016, Good SamariTots is a 501(c)3 non- profit organization which offers a place for like-minded parents to connect and teach their children how to make a difference in their community.


We provide opportunities for tots to actively serve their community. In our meeting rooms we create cards for the sick and elderly, assemble care packages for local deployed service members and homeless shelters, and make toys for sheltered animals. We get out of doors to clean up parks and plant trees. Good SamariTots also visits retirement and nursing facilities, as well as the offices of local public servants.


3 models of emergency kits have been developed and distributed throughout South Pasadena:


Small kit - ideal for your bed stand or car, gives water, food, and instructions to help sustain you through the initial hours

Medium kit - ideal for your home and/or office

Large kit - ideal for home, office and block captains

For more information, visit


Door of Hope - Award Recipient 2019


Since 1985, we have been helping families escape homelessness and regain stability. We are one of the only homeless providers that can house any kind of family together, including single moms, single dads, two-parent families, together with their children. Keeping families together is the foundation upon which Door of Hope was founded.

There are 6 main pillars in Door of Hope's program. We provide families with the opportunity to learn new skills, develop positive behaviors, and obtain the resources necessary to reach their goals and maintain long-term success.

Employment - We require all families to obtain full-time employment that will provide for their family. We collaborate with community partners to provide each parent the job training, resume building, interview preparation, and coaching they need to find a quality job.

Finances - Achieving and maintaining financial stability is crucial to the ultimate goal of sustainable housing. Our families receive financial literacy training and budgeting skills while at Door of Hope. Families are required to save money to pay debts, pay a rental deposit, and establish an emergency fund. Families often leave our program with between five and six thousand dollars in savings.

Emotional Health & Well-being - Each adult receives weekly individual counseling as well as marriage counseling for all married couples. Through our onsite mental health counselors, families explore core issues that may have led to homelessness, learn to communicate better, find emotional healing and gain self-worth. In addition to counseling, we provide two life skills classes a week that focus on parenting and stress management. Individual counseling is still available to alumni for one year after they leave Door of Hope.

Childhood Development - Many children in our program have experienced emotional distress and trauma that is associated with experiencing homelessness. We provide an innovative onsite Children's program that offers educational assistance, enrichment curriculum, structure, and a sense of belonging. Programming emphasizes tutoring and homework assistance as well as other activities to address the kids' spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs. These activities include games, outdoor play, field trips, visits to local colleges, snacks, reading, arts

and crafts, computer use and much more!


Housing & Follow-up Care - Permanent housing is the end goal of our program, and our housing coordinator works alongside each family throughout their time at Door of Hope. The housing coordinator connects the family with housing opportunities that are in line with the family's needs and budget. We also advocate on our family's behalf with landlords and property managers and emphasize the families improved budgeting and money management skills. After the family has found housing, a case manager provides follow-up care, checking on the progress of money management, housing maintenance, and the family's emotional health.

Partnerships - Door of Hope leverages its own efforts by partnering with other organizations. These include, but are not limited to: Asencia, Didi Hirsch, Families in Transition, Five Acres, Imagine LA, Options, Pacific Clinics, Union Station Homeless Services, Verdugo Job Center, Young and Healthy, Youth Moving On, and YWCA of Glendale. We also partner with federal and state-funded agencies in our community and maintain a healthy relationship with them.

For more information, visit

Homeboy Industries - Award Recipient 2018

South Pasadena Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) - Award Recipient 2016-17

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